Nurses of the future: Intensive analysis and planning phase

In cooperation with experts from the field of international technical cooperation and intercultural training, concrete possibilities for a large-scale project on structured care migration are currently being examined. This includes talks with hospital management and nursing experts as well as soundings in the Philippines and with the responsible German and Philippine authorities.


Professor Dr. med. Dr. rer. pol. Konrad Obermann is in intensive exchange with experts and practitioners.


Included in the membership fee: Employment law advice

Members of the Health Care Executives Association receive advice on all labour law and professional issues. This is included in the membership fee.

Attorney Ludger Ramme, General Manager of the United Leaders Association (ULA) and cooperation partner of the association, explains how members benefit from the offer „legal advice“:



Judgement: Participation in the staff appraisal interview despite inability to work

In principle, an employer may also conduct a staff appraisal interview with an employee during an incapacity to work due to illness, provided that the employer has urgent operational reasons for doing so and the personal appearance of the employee is absolutely necessary. In addition to these requirements, the employee must of course also be able to attend the interview for health reasons. This was decided by the Federal Labour Court.



Temporary transfer of a higher-level job

According to the ruling of the Federal Labour Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht – BAG), employers may assign employees who are employed for an indefinite period of time to higher-value activities for a limited period of time or also change other contractual conditions for a limited period of time.

Managers in particular often take on managerial tasks that are limited in time. Repeated time limits are also permissible.

In the specific case, the employee should always check whether the reasons and standards for this are appropriate and comply with the law on fixed-term contracts.