Nurses of the future

Nurses of the future: Intensive analysis and planning phase


In cooperation with experts from the field of international technical cooperation and intercultural training, concrete possibilities for a large-scale project on structured care migration are currently being examined. This includes talks with hospital management and nursing experts as well as soundings in the Philippines and with the responsible German and Philippine authorities.

Professor Dr. med. Dr. rer. pol. Konrad Obermann is in intensive exchange with experts and practitioners.

As a result of demographic change, changing patient expectations and other priorities of the generation now entering the workforce, the shortage of skilled nursing personnel is increasing and is reaching serious levels in many institutions, leading to poorer quality care provided by temporary staff, closure of wards, postponement of operations and chronic overwork of existing staff.

This increasing shortage of nursing staff is to be countered with a professionalised and institutionalised programme for the temporary deployment of foreign (non-EU) nursing staff. Nurses trained abroad come to the country with sufficient knowledge of German and different levels of performance and qualifications, are deployed accordingly and receive targeted further training according to German standards. A structured return procedure is then carried out according to a defined time frame, creating a „triple win“ situation for the nursing staff, the sending country and the German institutions providing care.

Together with the health economist and Philippine expert Prof. Dr. Dr. rer. pol. Konrad Obermann and the personnel and management expert and institution developer Prod. Bernd Glazinski, M.A. has developed a detailed concept which, in cooperation with German specialist clinics, aims to bring the first specialists to Germany within 18-24 months.

A few more institutions and hospital management companies can participate if they are interested.