The Health Care Executives Association

The association of leading health care professionals

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Decision-makers in the health care sector have the opportunity here to make business contacts  in an industry-relevant network, to generate professional know-how and to exchange information beyond the day-to-day business.


Fundamental to the self-conception of the Medical Management Association is the recipe for every successful network: its members achieve a joint additional profit from the meetings.

In addition, members of the Medical Management Association have access to:

  • exclusive services, such as employment law advice



  • Promoting communication between the actors in the health sector,
  • Initiation of discussion circles of all representatives in the health sector, in particular to promote intersectoral cooperation,
  • Promotion of further training for specialists and managers in the health care and related sectors,
  • Provision of forums and discussion areas for all players in the health care system for the purpose of exchanging ideas and initiating forward-looking ideas, developing future scenarios and new strategies in the health care system,
  • Evaluation and public relations work for new forms of organisation and cooperation that serve public health care.


Board of Directors

Dr. Peter Müller

Stiftung Gesundheit





Roger Sturm

QB International